December 1, 2021

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Four Factors Determining the Salary of a Songwriter

Four Factors Determining the Salary of a Songwriter

Since there's no specific salary scale that specifies how much every songwriter should earn, it's impossible to provide a specific amount that a songwriter receives.

Since there’s no specific salary scale that specifies how much every songwriter should earn, it’s impossible to provide a specific amount that a songwriter receives. Another challenge that will affect the assessment is the disparity in payment terms that the sector has witnessed for decades. In some countries such as the United States, writing songs is an enterprising career and offers a lifetime chance to share millions of dollars that the music industry boasts annually. For others, songwriters remain unrecognized, with more focus placed on singers.

Based on the information published on, a professional songwriter should earn an estimated salary of about $43000 per year. It’s worth noting that this figure is no constant, and you should expect to see it varies as you move from one region to another. This is slightly on a lower scale compared with a Bureau of Labor Statistics estimate where it’s being projected that a well-established songwriter takes home close to $52000 annually. Primarily, just like professional artists, there are various ways that a songwriter can make a living. The first way you can make it as a songwriter is through royalties, where users of the song such as TV or even radio stations pay for playing your music.

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The United States government expects the owner of a song to receive close to 9 cents every time a song is played or downloaded from an online store. This means that you’re going to earn more depending on the popularity of your song. Similarly, if you’re a songwriter that knows how to entertain fans on stage, you can still reap big through live performances. Recently, a live performance has become a chief source of income for different songwriters. It will allow you to take a share of the entrance fee that’s often collected. In a situation where songwriters are invited to perform in major functions such as in public gatherings, there is a live performance fee added to their earning. The only challenge is that you’ll miss all these opportunities if you’re not good at a live performance.

Although it’s a new concept in the music world, sync licensing comes with another opportunity for songwriters to earn big from their product. Sync licensing occurs when a songwriter enters into a contract with filmmakers or even video producers, allowing their song to be used in production at a fee. Undoubtedly, there are multiple opportunities for a songwriter to pocket huge dollars from the sector. Nevertheless, how much a songwriter is going to pocket will depend on the quality. To ensure that there are not jeopardizing their songs’ quality, songwriters are advised against releasing a song when it’s not ready.

Four Factors Determining the Salary of a Songwriter

Equally, a songwriter needs to make sure that any idea concerning a particular song is recorded. Having said that, it will be credible to look at some best-paid songwriters globally. The first songwriter on the chart is Dan Wilson’s music career can be traced back more than four decades ago with a psychedelic band in the 80s. He remembered writing some beautiful songs that Adele had sung, including one that she released in 2012 that generated $880000 as royalties. Not to mention that Dan Wilson has some sole tracks and appears in a couple of bands. Mark Forster is another songwriter that has reaped big from the sector.

Being a lead member of a band popularly known as Foster the People, he wrote Pumped Up Kicks that attracted more than $406000 as royalties. Unconfirmed reports indicated that Mark Foster never shared the fortune with his crews. Sources indicate that Mark Foster was a painter and worked as a Bartender before becoming a professional songwriter and a singer. Although it’s not a common name in the music sector, Ester Dean is one person that deserves a standing ovation.

Besides writing songs for different celebrities, including Rihanna, BeyoncĂ©, Usher, and other big names in the sector, she’s a scholar with profound desires to help starters improve their songwriting skills. Principally, the overall earning of a songwriter is determined by several factors such as the popularity of a song and a songwriter’s ability to participate in other activities, including taking part in live performances.