September 24, 2021

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Obituary: “I Love You” logo designer, Milton Glaser, 91, is dead

Obituary: “I Love You” logo designer, Milton Glaser, 91, is dead

The designer of “I love You” logo,

The designer of “I love You” logo, Milton Glaser who is popular for his graphic design has died on Friday at the age of 91. Milton, the deceased was the one who beautified the silhouette of Bob Dylan with some psychedelic hair and also put a heart logo between “I” and “NY”. His wife, Shirley Glaser informed the press that Glaser suffered renal failure before his death this was caused by his mysterious stroke.

All over the country, including book covers, wall posters, and other advertisement brands, Glaser’s imagination of ideas was pasted and which cover the simple image from the 1960s. During his time, he was regarded as the person who designed the team that established one of the popular Magazine during the 1960s. He was said to have founded the magazine with Clay Felker.

In his lifetime, he said to

The obituary written in the magazine, it was stated that Glaser will not be forgotten in their office. It said he created the present outlet from the newspaper and turned to a magazine. A magazine that is now one of the widely distributed and read in America today. Afterwards, the great city was flooded with magazines imaging the simplicity and exemplary style of design.

In his lifetime, he said to The Washington Post in one of the interviews he had that he and his team has somehow effected some changes in the visual life of some. No matter how small his impact on those lives cannot be forgotten. He continued by saying that television is one of the conditions that trigger people to request imagination. However, for the new style he has invented, it demanded him to work harder to make it sustainable.

When he was in interview with

Talking about a 1960s design, he said that he could not make another kind of rainbow if it cost his life. According to him, the pressure was too high on him for the past success to repeat itself. That for him is a certain phenomenon and inevitable. His sense of imagining things was so much that made his design unique and allowed his works to be proudly kept and preserved to be studied by the students of fine art. But the world “art” is not always used by him he did not use often during his lifetime.

When he was in interview with Associated Press, he explicated his irritation to the word “art”. He said we should remove the word “art” as a trick to distinguish graphic from other work. According to him, we should call every intellectual output the same thing, work. He said this in 2000 at an exhibition hosted about him and his career. Glaser highlighted that the reason for this discrimination was because when there is a unique move, the people decide to call its fantastic work. Again, when the work fulfils a particular responsibility, the people will say t is good. But when it does not meet a goal or expectations, they will say it is disappointing.

Obituary: “I Love You” logo designer, Milton Glaser, 91, is dead

The logo “I (heart) NY” where Glaser knowing used the style of the typewriter to write the letters was first published out in 1977 when the city was full of campaigns and trouble in government. Glaser designed it to reduce the pressure in the city because the headlines of the newspapers were full of negative things. This also helped in the campaign to protect the image of the city, he did not charge for the design.

Some days after the memorable terror attacks on September 11, that was almost a century after the first design of “I Love NY” logo design, he found himself revising the beautiful and historical logo. He changed the message passed by the logo by adding a black scar to the heart; this action shocked the people.

While being interviewed by The New York Times on why he has done that, he said that it was because he woke up in the morning of Wednesday and uttered to God that he needed to do something. He said when someone suffered from a heart attack, it signifies that part of that person’s heart is dead. But if fortunately, the person recovers, some parts of the heart cannot. He said it is this time that you realize how important the people in your life are.