December 1, 2021

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Paul McCartney: An Excellent Songwriter

Paul McCartney: An Excellent Songwriter

The life of Paul McCartney clearly elaborates on what can be achieved when you discover your true talent, and pursue it to the best of your abilities.

The life of Paul McCartney clearly elaborates on what can be achieved when you discover your true talent, and pursue it to the best of your abilities. To achieve even a fraction of what he has done in the music industry may require a lot of training, and decades of experience. In this case, Paul believed that such a norm simply exists on paper, love together with a passion for music can produce excellent results. He stands out as an example of what passion and dedication can produce when determination is the main driving force.

Early in his life, McCartney wasn't

Early in his life, McCartney wasn’t taken seriously while steadily gaining popularity, much to the shock of many fans. Playing instruments comes almost effortlessly, and does not really need him to push too much. Getting a chance to work with the Beatles was a stepping stone needed to explore the hidden talents in him. In the starting stages of the cherished music career, ascending to band leadership was not what everyone expected. Under the usual circumstances, such an expert was supposed to go through rigorous training, followed by extensive experience in the industry. After that, expectations of being a seasoned songwriter or player of different musical instruments were just going to fall into place naturally.

Trying times usually reveal the real

Trying times usually reveal the real strength or weakness hidden inside, especially if you have supposedly been hiding under the guise of teamwork. When the Beatles called it quits, Paul found himself alone with only his creativity and belief in the music industry to motivate him. Being a songwriter for an established band might have been an easy task, especially since a brand was already selling across borders in big numbers. This time, the same skill was needed to help pull him up, and show how determined he was to write songs that would appeal to a wider audience.

Paul McCartney: An Excellent Songwriter

The man had a secret weapon even at that lowest moment, which was quite obvious though not easy to guess. Spouses are sometimes blamed for discouraging partners when the going gets tough, with good intentions. In this particular case, the wife took no chances of giving him the luxury to pity himself every day. Being a top fan, it was easy to encourage him to write fresh songs for fans who were still hungry for more from him. With the impetus and morale inoculated in him from the love of his life, finding his feet was easy. In no time, he got back to the songwriting norm with the more creative juices the world was anticipating.

Working with big names of all time like Michael Jackson is never an easy undertaking because these were well-established individuals in the industry. Paul proudly collaborated with the music icon and in that collaboration hits like ‘The Girl Is Mine’ were produced. Adding to the list of big names who worked with him may not leave out the melodious Steve Wonder. He was instrumental in working with these all-time icons and creating a foundation for a legacy of creativity with hard work. As expected, they all had active critics who tried their best to mock them, and look for every flaw they made before rushing to media houses in vain.

Encouraging others to reach for the sky is a simple task which many simply pick up as a favorite habit. The quest to play a variety of instruments, collaborate with the best singers, and write best-selling songs did not just end with what everyone expected him to produce. He also had a chance to join the orchestra despite making it look like a departure from his usual routine. Looking at the background he was coming from, followers of his works already knew what was going to come out, and they were not disappointed. He delivered on expectations, and even had a chance to stand on similar platforms for years to come with more requests from fellow artists to collaborate with him.

Given a chance to drop live performances in fully packed stadiums, he performed with pleasure and silenced any rivals with negative comments about him. Even as age continued to catch up with him, the songwriting career continued to be expertly complimented by his skill at a variety of instruments. While there is no doubt that Paul wasn’t perfect, the albums he worked on continue to hit the waves today.