September 24, 2021

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The Best Instrument to Play as Songwriter

The Best Instrument to Play as Songwriter

Songwriting involves the act of writing music or words of songs.

Songwriting involves the act of writing music or words of songs. People out there confuse being a songwriter with being a composer. To some extent, both songwriters and composers arrange words of songs so that a song becomes pleasing to listeners or target audience. A clear difference comes out when the target audience is considered. You will find out that songwriters in most cases write music for individual singers while composers deal with large groups of musicians.

The instrument used by songwriters plays a vital role in the success of their work. These musical instruments range from keyboard, guitar, violin, trumpet, drum, and flute. It is important for you to understand the quality of songs written depends on the creativity of songwriters in using musical instruments. Precisely, the strength of a great songwriter is measured by their ability to create something that has a long life span. In this case, the piano is the best instrument that can be used by songwriters.

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Why the piano? It is the most polyphonic gadget that you can use to play almost every single key together or concurrently. Due to this, you will be in a position to play full sounds without gaps by playing arpeggios using the left hand while sustaining the solemn progressions running concurrently when it is needed. Most importantly, it is one of the few instruments that allows the songwriter to play both melody and chords at the same time or simultaneously depending on your choice.

This happens when the leads and backing are played together or simultaneously. The chords and tune can intermix closely providing a continuum of definition between the rhythm of a message together with the melody. In addition, a person can have more than one tune going together depending on your choice. The first one on the right hand holds down tighter rhythmic timing and provides you with a changing lead melody with no restrictions respectively. This creates an endless possibility of playing your different keys simultaneously with fewer restrictions.

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Sometimes you will find those lead melodies from a piano are catchier than any other instrument that is used for songwriting. You will find that with keyboard, no matter the kind of music you will be able to compose candid melodies. In addition, it is easier to get an immediate outcome of melodies in accordance with the backing of the chords and other portions of your song. It allows one to play both rhythm and melody simultaneously with ease. This feature is very rare in other musical instruments.

When such melodies are penned down from a keyboard device simultaneously, they are easier to follow. This ensures that songs will stick in the minds of the listeners for a long period of time. Consequently, the lifespan of the music will be increased making the songwriter get a good record of their work. For instance, if you are using a guitar, you will find that in most cases you will be hitting the same chords which makes you sound less dynamic.

The Best Instrument to Play as Songwriter

It is comparatively easier to create an evolving melody with a sense of movement on the keyboard than on any other device. Make sure you slide your hand several inches to change the pitch to flow with the other instruments. It is important to understand that vocal melodies on the clavier sound dynamic also have more options that can be manipulated to give the desired output. Vary the range of your options depending on the reactions of onlookers and this makes your song more interesting.

Learning a keyboard comes with many benefits that are diverse in nature. Sometimes you will feel like it is becoming part of you and therefore, you won’t have to suffer from boredom that results from playing the same instrument every day. You can also record your play and listen to it or give it to a mockery audience to gauge your accuracy in playing the piano. However, learning piano is not a bed of roses for everyone. This is not meant to scare you but to inform you that some effort is required for efficient learning. Remember that your first mistake may be your first turning point to success. Don’t forget to be resilient in everything that requires your attention when using a piano.