January 23, 2021

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The Greatest Songwriters Of All Time

The Greatest Songwriters Of All Time

Being a great songwriter is all about being ready to learn and trying new techniques.

Being a great songwriter is all about being ready to learn and trying new techniques. Writers are receptive to ensuring creativity and production of quality music loved by fans. Some of them are skilled writers, but cannot sing. Songwriting is a talent, the ability to create a piece from any situation and make it a reality. Just like newsworthy stories, songwriters put into consideration aspects like timeliness, prominence, proximity to achieve a big hit. It is a difficult task to remain at the top in the music industry for this reason writers try to be innovative and use situations to their advantage.

Bob Dylan, an American singer and songwriter, has brought a tremendous growth in popular music. He used the six-minute track as a rolling stone to prove how writers have never challenged the artistic conventions of their time. Dylan was not a strong believer of traditions, wrote things that criticized beliefs. Songs like “Blow the Wind” emerged in the top 100 of its billboard in 1965. Bob’s writings were influenced by politics, according to him, “a song is like a cream, you try to make it come true”.

Ed Sheeran pens songs for himself

Smokey Robinson is popular for his hot lyrics and unique melody in the RnB genre. An artist like Bob Dylan referred to Smokey as “the greatest living poet”. Robinson’s objective was to write music to communicate a complete thought to make sense to every listener. He wrote for The Miracles and gained 20 chart hits. As most of the lyrics penned by Robinson emerged as top hits, the artist sang praises to appreciate Smokey’s prowess.

Ed Sheeran pens songs for himself and for other artists, more so for those doing pop songs. Justin Bieber’s hits like Love Yourself and One Direction were purely Ed’s job. The man is talented both in the brain and music performance. Sheeran’s life inspired him to make major hits, to make sense from observation. Singing implies revealing your life to people, citing your memorable moments which are embarrassing on certain occasions.

The Greatest Songwriters Of All Time

Eminem is one of the best-selling songwriters of the 21st century due to rap skills. Most involved in rapping produce fabulous choruses that rhyme, making it easy to sing along. He participated in a rap competition to perfect his free style, a trait required to be a good songwriter. Eminem’s ability to play around with words made him the legend of rhyming words. He has a way with language, uses syllables to structure words that rhyme melodiously.

Taylor Swift started her career at a very young age, feeling inspired by Swift’s work. She frequently tells a story based on experience or love life, and this creates a meaningful piece that educates listeners. Producing something from experience ensures communication of your pain, passion, attitude, there is no hiding your feelings. Being the best songwriter is a talent, nobody can withdraw that from you. It flows naturally without struggling just as Smokey Robinson did fluently.

The key determinants are your ability to seek knowledge, be creative, and practice to achieve perfection. Creating something from every event matters because writing involves observable evidence around you. Grab your opportunity by keeping a record of the scenarios that surround you to create something better.