December 1, 2021

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Whether A Good Song-writer Without A Good Voice Can Become Famous

Whether A Good Song-writer Without A Good Voice Can Become Famous

A good song-writer can become famous without having a singing voice because writing songs is a different art from singing.

A good song-writer can become famous without having a singing voice because writing songs is a different art from singing. There are several good songwriters who became famous without singing any of the songs written by them since the songs written are sung by singers who have good voices but cannot write their songs. A songwriter may acknowledge that they can’t sing, so they look for talented artists who need people to write songs for them because said artists don’t know how to write or have busy schedules. A contract is usually signed between the singer and songwriter where both parties agree that the music copyright belongs to the artist but words sung are copyrighted to the songwriter.

Acknowledging the writer of an artist's

Acknowledging the writer of an artist’s music at their beginning or end helps viewers know about these songwriters through a music video. This helps clear the assumption that all rights of music belong to the artist and give recognition to the song-writer. Recognition by other singers who may need a good songwriter puts a songwriter in the position to be given more contracts with famous musicians. Song-writers can work with more musicians since they’re not tied down to a single artist or label. Working for several musicians increases recognition chances that bring fame to a good song-writer. Continuous practice helps perfect their song lyrics, which increases the chances they’ll get to be signed under famous record labels that could market a songwriter’s work to known celebrities for possible collaborations.

Self marketing on social media grows

Self marketing on social media grows your fan base as more people from all continents can access your work by messaging or sending requests emails to work on projects together. Networking is important in growing a fan base which is the target audience of written messages. Focusing on a genre instead of mixing genres makes your work get recognized faster since audiences follow specific genres that they stick to and look for music from the genre they’re used to. Rising to the top requires patience so a good song composer should be open to positive plus negative criticism from fans, colleagues or mentors. Having mentors shapes you emotionally, professionally, socially and improves writing skills as you get guidance from people in a similar field.

Whether A Good Song-writer Without A Good Voice Can Become Famous

Working with experienced writers gives a song composer the opportunity to improve their art by learning from the strengths and weaknesses of successful songwriters, they learn what to minimize or what to perfect when composing a new song. A good song creator should be consistent when writing their work to stay in the market and to work with more singers, both the upcoming plus established. Being consistent keeps you ready for new projects that come regularly making you gain new fans from the different singers you work with. Having more musicians to work with means getting fans from their different audiences as an audience may be different because of having fans in different geographical areas or from all age groups.

Keeping copyrights of your work gives you credit even when the song is not performed by you and you have the liberty to sell the copyrights to the musician you worked with on the song but still get recognition as the writer. Be active on your social media handles and engage your fans by promoting artists you have worked with to help fans acknowledge your part in a song you’re featured in by writing. Try to write creative lyrics with uniform rhythm to create a smooth flow in a song when a tune is added to it, a song with good rhythm gets faster recognition. People may like a song with smooth word flow which they can sing along to.

You don’t have to be a good singer to become famous since being a good song composer gives you the opportunity to work with famous singers who could put you on the market. Working with celebrities gives you an audience through artists you write a song for when they release it and perform at parties, events or online. Try to stay consistent to make your work released regularly to help you get a bigger fan bases as you progress in your art. Market your work on social media accounts, make meaningful connections with mentors in your field and musicians you write a song for future projects.